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Becoming a part of the worlds largest Ring Finder community .

Last year in 2022 I had applied to become what is known as “The Ring Finders

This is an online worldwide list of Metal detectorists put together by the name of Chris Turner and designed to help people find their lost valuables around the globe, such as wedding rings and other valuable items.

When I applied last season I needed A full year of time as a detectorist in order to be accepted as an elite Ring Finder. Unfortunately at the time I had only had approximately 7 or 8 months of experience. This posed a problem so I was not allowed to join the team (yet)

Ring I found all cleaned up

To be honest I completely understood the reasoning behind the decision not to have me join at the time, however, being it is now 2023 & I now have a full year behind me, I decided to try and sign up once again to the organization. This time I have been accepted and am now a full member to the team and anyone that has lost valuable Items between Belleville Ontario to Brockville Ontario is now able to reach me through the ring Finders website here @ as well as through the South Eastern Ontario Metal Detecting Club at the following website address

I am super excited to get started with the Ring Finders because I have been following others in the organization and reading their success stories and seeing pictures of happy clients that have been reunited with their special treasures due to these great detectorists and I want to do the same for people.

I have reunited a ring with its owner before and it is an incredible feeling when you see their face looking at a sentimental item they thought was lost for ever, it’s simply indescribable to witness. Here is a link to a story about my first ring recovery.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a lost valuable you are hoping to be reunited with.

You can reach me through any of my social media platforms.

FOR: Tic Tok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you can look up the name “ Treasure Hunting Legend” and look for either one of the following logo’s

Or through our metal detecting club website, here:

Or check out my YouTube

and of course through the Ring Finders Website

Come back soon to read about my latest ring recovery

I look forward to hearing from you.


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