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Putting Our Boat Back In The Water, Leads To A Quick Mother’s Day Island Hunt

It had been 2 years since the last time my partner Erin and I had a boat of our own in the water. For the past 10 years I have always had a boat of my own in the drink but since 2020 (the year of Corona Virus or COVID 19) or since Erin being pregnant. We have not been on our own boat for a leisurely sail.

This has been difficult for both Erin and I especially since the entire reason we ended up together in the first place was because we share a passion of being on the water.

However, since Erin was pregnant with Caspian. It seems sailing was a distant memory, until now. Once again & finally for the 2023 season we have decided to put the old Sloop Tom B (Name of our boat). Back in the water, only this time we of course have our little man Caspian with us.

Ok so what does this have to do with Metal Detecting? Well, I have decided to combine my love of sailing to show how versatile the metal detecting hobby can really be, & why it’s such a perfect hobby for me.

It took 2 days just getting the boat ready for launch day. You may wonder why would it take 2 full days to just get a boat ready. But it’s like this every year we put a boat in the water.

You need to paint, rig lines, clean the inside and out, fix any broke. Parts, tune up the motor (which I do myself) , check the sails, pressure wash the entire boat, wash all cushions, load and inspect all safety gear & cooking gear, load the items that stay with the boat all season. launch the boat, raise the mast, rig the sails, fill gas tank test run, fix any last minute items and then your ready.

Ok so the day after we launched the boat it was Mother’s Day and Erin had invited her mother out for a sail and a picnic on a nearby island.

From left to right- James (me), Caspian, Erin, Janis (Erins mom)

With a couple small little mishaps first thing such as not checking to see if the marina had gas for the season yet, which they didn’t so as soon as Erin mom got to the boat and we were ready to let go the lines & depart I had to make a quick .45minute jont to the nearest gas station with a jerry can first, (Oops)

Nevertheless we managed to get underway within a reasonable timeframe to have our picnic. I had managed to convince Erin to let me bring my metal detector incase Erin & her mother wanted to take Caspian for a walk on the island after lunch?

Erin and Caspian found a treasure of their own in a Geocache on the island.

As it so happened they all did go for a walk after lunch and I was able to get in a quick half hour hunt.

This hunt ended up being a very interesting hunt for me.

Hunting on the island

Turns out I found a few Canadian small cents the earliest was a 1965 young Liz.

But then something awesome happened. My machine started screaming at me and the VDI # was reading in the 41,42 range, giving me strong repeatable numbers. The depth indication was only 2 or 3 bars which told me the target was fairly shallow. This was a great indication for a coin and being the VDI was over 40’s I was starting to get optimistic that I may have found a silver coin.

I carefully dug out my target and it quickly revealed my suspicions were correct. I had in my hand an early 19”00’s Canadian Dime. It was an 1918 KG5 (King George the 5th) Dime. And was now my oldest Canadian coin that I have not dug in a seeded hunt to date.

Now over the moon with my finds I heard Erin, her mother, and Caspian closing in on my position. They had heard the beeping of my pinpointer and came to see what I had found.

My finds on Mother’s Day 2023

Their eyes lit up when they inspected the 1918 KG5

So it may not have been a long hunt but nevertheless , it was a pretty good hunt with treasure found .

All in all Mother’s Day ended up being a success even for me. Lol


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